Chino Police Department

The police chaplains are appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the Chino police officers and the Chino community, to provide spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. Without attempting to moralize, evangelize, proselytize or criticize, the police chaplain strives to be a particularly close friend to the officers and citizens of Chino. He offers guidance and assistance to people in crisis experiences. He also serves as a link for communication between people in crises and their own spiritual advisors. 

The police chaplain is aware of the fact that the police officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being constantly in the presence of danger and under constant pressure and tension. Because of this, the police chaplain strives to create such a relationship with the officer that he/she would feel free to turn to him for counsel at any time. 

Our Chaplains ride frequently with the officers on patrol and they are on call at all times to assist in those cases where their counsel and advice might be helpful. Likewise, the Chaplains are available to the officer's family and to all who are associated in any way with the police department. 

The Duties of the Police Chaplain Include:

  • Being called to the scene of a traumatic incident to provide comfort to victims, families of victims, and officers involved 
  • Notifying next-of-kin in death or serious injury incidents 
  • Offer follow-up assistance to victims of crisis 
  • Furnish referral or resource assistance 
  • Counseling either individuals or families experiencing stressful situations 
  • Give confidential counsel to police personnel 
  • Be available to families of officers in traumatic situations 
  • Provide personal or family counseling 
  • Help with critical incident stress debriefing to all first responders 
  • Training for crisis intervention and participating in defusing and debriefing sessions as requested 
  • Preside at weddings/funerals or other religious events as requested 
  • Visit sick or injured department employees 
  • Conduct invocations at department functions such as awards ceremonies, building and facility dedications, or at any other appropriate event 
  • Organize and conduct events designed to enhance morale and well-being of department members and their families 
  • Fulfill other functions deemed appropriate or requested by the department

The Chaplain coordinator for the Police Department is Lt. Wes Simmons. If you are a local minister interested in this program, please e-mail him on the above link or phone him at (909) 334-3099.


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