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The Crime Prevention Unit has a variety of programs available to assist the citizens and business owners of our community. Click on the programs below to learn more about what we can do to help you prevent crime.



Business and Home C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Enviornmental Design) Inspections
The Crime Prevention Unit offers free inspections to businesses, residences and multi-family complexes upon request. These inspections provide practical tips and advice for improving structure security and decreases the potential for becoming victims of crime. Simple changes to lighting, landscaping and business practices can often prevent crimes of opportunity such as burglary and theft

For more information on this program, please call Crime Prevention Specialist, Leah Green at (909) 334-3060 or




Child Fingerprinting
If you are interested in having a record of your child's fingerprints for identification purposes, the Chino Police Department is pleased to offer you two options.

First, the Community Support Team volunteer program provides this service at many public events throughout the year. You may utilize this service at the next City-sponosored event or fair in the area.

Second, the Crime Prevention Unit has do-it-yourself fingerprinting kits for you to use at home. Contact Crime Prevention Specialist, Olivia LeVan at (909) 334-3087 for a kit to be sent to you.




Citizen Academy
The Citizen Police Academy was established to promote an understanding of the Chino Police Department and its policies and procedures.  In addition, the Academy provides training in all aspects of law enforcement and the issues that face police officers on a daily basis.  The Academy goal is to also foster a spirit of cooperation between the city, its citizens and their Police Department. For more information on the next Citizen Academy, contact Leah Green at (909) 334-3060.

Click here to download an application.







Chino Police Youth Academy

The Youth Citizen Police Academy gives teens, ages 14-18, an inside look at all of the functions of their local law enforcement agency. The program takes plas once per year in the month of August. Participants will have a hands on experience with topics such as: Use of Force, SWAT, Patrol Operations, Criminal Investigations, K-9, Traffic Services, Narcotics, Firearm Simulation Training, Crime Scene Investigation, and much more! Teens must live or attend school in the City of Chino. Space is limited. Apply today!

Click here for the Youth Academy - Class VII Flyer.

Click here for the Youth Academy Application.

For more information please contact Olivia LeVan at 334-3087 or








Community Watch
For those employers who have workers that visit residences and businesses within our City (Ex., delivery services, meter readers, cable technicians, etc.) the Crime Prevention Unit provides a free training class to assist them in identifying and reporting suspicious activity to the police department. These employees are valuable "eyes and ears" in our community and can help keep Chino a safe place to live, work and play. If you would like to know how your business can partner with us in Community Watch, please call Crime Prevention Specialist, Leah Green at (909) 334-3060 or




Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
This crime prevention program is designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gang activity on apartment properties. The program consists of three phases that must be completed under the supervision of the Chino Police Department. Property managers become individually certified after completing phase-one training. The property itself becomes certified upon successful completion of all three phases. The anticipated benefits are reduced police calls for service, a more stable resident base, and reduced exposure to civil liability.

Phase 1- Manager/Owner Instruction
In this free 8-hour course, managers and owners are instructed on such issues as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.), tenant screening, crime-free lease addendums, crime prevention, community awareness and other pertinent issues.
Phase 2 - C.P.T.E.D. Inspection
The Crime Prevention Unit will provide a C.P.T.E.D. Inspection for the complex and provide the manager/owner with suggestions on any necessary improvements.
Phase 3 - Resident Social/Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Residents will be invited to participate in a social gathering, where they will learn the principles of Neighborhood Watch and Crime Free Multi-Housing.
Following the completion of all three phases, complexes will be authorized to post their Crime Free Multi-Housing signage. For more information on this program, please call Crime Prevention Specialist, Leah Green at (909) 334-3060.













National Night Out

National Night Out is a nation-wide crime prevention event designed to heighten crime awareness, generate support for and participation in crime prevention programs and strengthen police-community partnerships. The event takes place annually on the first Tuesday in August and involves a variety of activities within various neighborhoods such as: block parties, visits from your local public safety personnel, community walks, contests, barbeques and much more!

Click here for more information on National Night Out.

Click here to register to participate in the 2012 National Night Out.

For more information on how you can participate in the next National Night Out please contact Olivia LeVan at (909) 334-3087 or





Neighborhood Watch
The Crime Prevention Unit provides neighborhoods the opportunity to get involved with keeping their community safe! If you and your neighbors are interested in learning how you can help us make Chino a safer place to live, please call to set up your first meeting. Contact Crime Prevention Specialist, Olivia LeVan at (909) 334-3087 for more information.




Safety Presentations
The Crime Prevention Unit can provide a variety of safety presentations for groups upon request. Topics include: Personal Safety, Senior Safety, Stranger Danger (children), Identity Theft, Robbery Prevention, and Earthquake Safety. Please call Crime Prevention Supervisor, Tamrin Olden for more information on this service (909) 334-3086.



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