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Are You Ready?

Introducing... Oliver the Ostrich!

Oliver was like most ostriches... burying his head in the sand at the first sign of trouble. But since coming to the City of Chino, Oliver has learned that EVERYONE has a role in Emergency Services... including YOU!

The City of Chino needs you! We need every member of this community to be an active member of our Emergency Services Team.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: PREPARE YOUR FAMILY. Assemble an emergency kit and develop a communication plan for your family. By preparing your family, you are not only helping your loved ones, you are helping your whole community.

How to Prepare Your Family

Step 2: ASSIST YOUR NEIGHBORS. Emergency personnel may be delayed in getting to your neighborhood due to the nature of the disaster. Work together with your neighbors to take care of any immediate needs until professional help can arrive. It's important to develop relationships with your neighbors NOW... don't wait until disaster strikes.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors - Hints and Tips

Step 3: VOLUNTEER TO HELP IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Did you ever consider that your hobby, interest, occupation, or special skill may be just what your community needs during a diaster? When a major emergency hits, city resources may be quickly overwhelmed. Depending on the size and scope of the emergency additional resources may be delayed. As a member of this community, we may need to call on you for assistance. If you're willing to volunteer, please click on the link below to register.

Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Survey

The City of Chino is counting on you, our residents, to be prepared! The path to peace of mind after a disaster is the trail of preparedness you leave BEFORE disaster strikes.

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