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Hints and Tips for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors means a strong community. In the event of a disater, the stronger the Community the quicker the recovery. Do your part! Get to know your neighbors BEFORE disaster strikes! Here are just a few hints and tips. Click on the link below for more details.

Go for a walk.

Host a “block party.”

Organize a Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Plan a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day.

Random acts of kindness that will benefit your whole neighborhood.

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Your Neighborhood's Needs

As you get to know your neighbors pay special attention to any special needs they may have (medical challenges, transportation issues, access and functional needs, disabilities, etc.). In a disaster, you will be relying upon each other until emergency responders arrive. Depending upon the size and scope of the disaster, the response time of emergency personnel may be extended. Learn what the needs are in your neighborhood and find out how you can assist one another during a disaster.


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