Chino Police Department

The Detective Bureau completes all criminal investigations which are initiated by the Patrol Division.  The Bureau then submits the completed investigations which have sufficient elements to the San Bernardino District Attorney's Office for review and possible filing of criminal charges against suspects.  The District Attorney's Office decides whether charges will be filed against a suspect.  If charges are filed, cases proceed through the court process.

The Detective Bureau is a proactive element of the Police Department.  The Detectives meet daily to discuss current trends and pending cases.  They interact with other agencies' investigative bureaus and often help coordinate such things as Parole and Probation sweeps.  The Detective Bureau has the common goal of improving the quality of life in the community by concentrating on those people in society who commit crime. 

If you have filed a crime report and need more information about the status of your case, please contact the Detective Bureau at (909) 334-3159 .



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