Chino Police Department

The Police Department has a dedicated team of officers trained in the Mobile Field Force Procedures and Tactics. The Team consists of sixteen officers including supervisors. These officers are trained to be able to work planned and unplanned events where large crowds have become unmanageable or unruly. They also receive training on how to rescue downed officers and civilians in the event of a serious event that has caused injury when the crowd is still unruly. The primary purpose of this team is to resolve large crowd situations without causing further unrest, injury to other persons and prevent property damage.

The sixteen members of the Chino Police Mobile Field Force is a squad-size team. The team is capable of working with other departments that also have squad-size teams. Given the appropriate circumstances, these squads would come together to form a full-size Mobile Field Force comprised of more than forty officers. Chino’s team is also prepared to deploy to other locations within the state for several days at a time in the event there is a request for mutual aid at a very large event or incident in another city.

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