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First, you need to visit to find out which positions are available. There are several different police officer positions that have very different requirements. You should read the Qualifications on the posted Job Flyer carefully. For a brief description of the positions that may be available, see below.

Lateral -Requires that a candidate is currently employed as a non-probationary peace officer and possess a Basic P.O.S.T. Certificate or has applied for a P.O.S.T. waiver.

Academy Graduate -Requires that a candidate has already successfully graduated a P.O.S.T. basic police academy within the last 3 years. Former police officers who separated from service within the last 3 years may also be eligible for this position.

Academy Trainee -Requires that a candidate be currently attending a P.O.S.T. basic police academy.

Police Recruit -Requires no previous law enforcement experience. Candidates hired will be sponsored by the Department to the academy.

Always read the qualifications on the Job Flyer before submitting your application.



The application process begins when you complete and submit an Employment Application to the City of Chino Human Resources Department. If your application is selected for testing, you will be notified of the next available testing date.



ALL police officer applicants, including laterals, must pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT.) The PAT for the Chino Police Department consists of a 1½ mile run which must be completed in 15 minutes or less. After successful completion of the 1½ mile run, applicants must complete the P.O.S.T. PAT. You must meet P.O.S.T. minimum standards.

The written examination is required only for Police Recruit applicants. The exam is waived for Lateral, Academy Graduate, and Academy Trainee applicants. The Chino Police Department does NOT accept T-scores.



Applicants who successfully complete the Physical Ability Test and/or Written Examination may then be selected for an oral interview. This is a professional interview by a panel consisting of City of Chino Police Department and/or Human Resource Department personnel.



Applicants are expected to dress professionally for background meetings and to arrive on time (it is best to plan on arriving at least 15-20 minutes early). Background meetings can last anywhere for one to four hours. Your absolute candor is required during this process and any dishonesty will result in your immediate disqualification.

The background investigation will include a comprehensive investigation into your personal history, and may include inquiries into employment, military, financial, driving, residential, educational, and legal histories, as well as other areas to assess the candidate’s character.

The Chino Police Department also requires that you submit to a polygraph examination. After your background is approved by the Police Department and Human Resources Administration, you will undergo medical and psychological examinations.

The Chino Police Department does not have a policy regarding automatic disqualifications. However, the Department does maintain very high selection standards. The outcome of a background investigation is generally not something that can be determined prior to actually conducting the investigation. Minimum requirements and automatic disqualifications are set by P.O.S.T. These can be found in the Background Investigation Manual at Otherwise, a candidate’s suitability for a position in law enforcement is based on the totality of the individual’s personal history. A decision is made by evaluating and considering individual circumstances in each area of inquiry.

The employment process is long and arduous. Those who have successfully completed this process will say that it was well worth the work and sacrifice for this rewarding and exciting career.

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