Chino Police Department

The Special Investiation Unit consists of four Investigators who work closely with city, state and federal agencies to effectively identify career criminals, apprehend fugitives and persons wanted in connection with crimes that have been committed. They help to monitor persons on county probation and state parole and conduct visits on them to verify they are in compliance with the terms of their release from jail or prison.

Investigators work with multi-family property owners and managers to enforce regulations associated with Crime Free Multi-Housing.

They also work to prevent and suppress graffiti, document graffiti that is identifiable to a certain gang or person, and identify and prosecute the person(s) who affixed the graffiti. This often includes charging the suspect or their parents, if they are a minor, with the cost to remove or cover the graffiti. Click here for more information on Graffiti Investigation.

These investigators work hand in hand with the citizens of Chino, building relationships that encourage information sharing and problem solving. To contact a Special Investigations Unit Investigator please call (909) 464-8374 or (909) 464-8378.

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