Chino Police Department

SWAT Teams are designed to provide officers with the weapons and training that will enable them to react to critical incidents with a high degree of proficiency. Their primary objective is to prevent injury and death for those involved in these incidents.

The Mission of the Chino Police SWAT Team is to provide a team of highly trained officers who are specially equipped to respond to critical incidents in order to save lives. They train twice a month to maintain their proficiency. The team anticipates the various situations that they may be called upon to respond to and plan in advance how they would react.  

The Chino Police SWAT Team is a highly disciplined group of officers who are dedicated to this community. Being a member of the SWAT Team is an ancillary duty for these officers. The team consists of members from the Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau and the K-9 unit. The team also includes members of the Communications Bureau who are specially trained as Tactical Dispatchers.


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