The Chino Land Use Viewer is an interactive map that can be used to search addresses or parcels to determine the zoning or specific plan land use designations for properties within the City of Chino. The Chino Land Use Viewer is provided by the City of Chino to assist residents in determining the land use designation of their property or to assist applicants in project planning. It is the sole responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy and precision of the information provided. The following describes the tools available in the Chino Land Use Viewer:

  • Search: To locate a property, click on the magnifying glass and enter an address or accessor's parcel number (APN).
  • Basemaps: Use the basemap selector to choose different basemaps, such as one that shows street names or aerial imagery.
  • Share: Share your map via email, Facebook, or Twitter, which will include a link to the current extent of your map.
  • Print: Print your map to a PDF in either landscape or portrait layout.
  • Help: The help button is available for additional instructions.