Public Streets

The Streets Section is responsible for many maintenance and repair services including the following:

Streetlight Repair

Public Works staff oversees the maintenance of streetlights, including replacing damaged or non-operating bulbs. Streetlights that appear to be out or damaged can be reported to the division by reporting a concern in the drop-down menu above.

When reporting a streetlight issue, please provide the streetlight number, which is a black, stenciled number on the streetlight (typically at eye level on the post). If the number cannot be found, please provide the street name and address where the streetlight is located and indicate if the pole is in front of, across from, or in-between the address given. If the you cannot identify the appropriate address of the streetlight, please provide nearest cross street as well as your name and contact number.

Road Repair

Minor road repairs, such as filling pot-holes, are performed by Public Works staff. Similar repair and maintenance functions for concrete in the City's right-of-way are also performed by Public Works staff. Staff also works to ensure that debris is removed from the roadway in a timely fashion and curbs are properly painted.

Slurry Seal

As part of the City's Pavement Management System, the City of Chino has a Slurry Seal Program in place to ensure that our streets are maintained in a safe fashion. Slurry sealing is a process that is used to keep the streets in good condition and help avoid major reconstruction.

Sidewalk Repair

The Services Division is committed to keeping our sidewalks and streets in safe working order for pedestrians and autos. Please report any cracked sidewalks by visiting our Report a Concern page. Sidewalk issues that should be reported include: major concrete cracks, vertical joint separations of more than ½ inch, loose or spalled concrete and reverse sloped concrete causing drainage problems to private property.

Sidewalks or curbs damaged by private trees, vehicles, or non-city construction activities are the responsibility of the property owner and are generally not placed on a list to be scheduled for repair.

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Services division oversees the City' street sweeping program. City streets are swept on a biweekly basis, except private streets and streets without a curb and gutter. Help keep Chino's streets clean by keeping leaves, grass clippings, and heavy objects out of the gutter as well as avoiding parking vehicles in the street on sweeping days.