Support Services Division

The Support Services Division provides essential investigative, administrative, community outreach, and logistical assistance to further the Department's function of public safety. It includes the Criminal Investigations, Professional Standards, Professional Services, and Crime Prevention and Community Relations Bureaus:

  • Within the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Detectives, Special Enforcement Team Officers, and Crime Analysts conduct follow-up on patrol cases that do not result in an arrest and investigate investigations on gangs, graffiti, narcotics, and other quality of life issues.
  • Professional Standards is tasked with all aspects of police personnel hiring, evidence collection, risk management, training, and budget.
  • The Department's fleet, facilities, and Records Unit fall under the direction of the Professional Services Bureau. This includes the maintenance, support, and management of police vehicles, equipment, technologies, and buildings.
  • The Crime Prevention and Community Relations Bureau combines the functions of Crime Prevention and Community Outreach under one bureau. In addition, all adult volunteer programs are also under the supervision of the Crime Prevention and Community Relations Bureau.