Civic Center Master Plan

The City of Chino Downtown Civic Center Master Plan, developed between 2020 and 2022, outlines a 20-year vision for revitalizing the historic Civic Center area near Central Avenue and D Street, where the city's first City Hall was established. This comprehensive plan, a collaboration between Chino residents, stakeholders, and expert consultants, addresses the needs of a rapidly growing community, projected to reach a population of 140,000. 

The Civic Center Master Plan includes constructing new facilities like City Hall, the Senior Center, and the Public Library, and expanding existing ones such as the Neighborhood Activities Center and Carolyn Owens Center. The plan focuses on creating a vibrant, mixed-use environment with ample outdoor spaces and efficient civic facilities. This effort is part of a broader citywide initiative that encompasses updates to Parks, Facilities, Sewer, Water, and Pavement Management Plans, as well as the Housing Element and General Plan. Anchored by the city's 2021 Strategic Plan, the Master Plan aims to enhance customer service, bolster the city's image, and foster community collaboration. It represents a significant step in Chino's journey towards meeting the evolving needs of its residents while maintaining public trust and financial stability.

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