Who needs a business license?

Per Chino Municipal Code 5.04.040, anyone conducting business in the City of Chino is required to obtain a City business license. This includes out-of-town delivery vehicles, servicemen, and contractors. If you are starting a new business, you must also check to see if you need to record a Fictitious Business Name, or if you require a state seller's permit.

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1. Who needs a business license?
2. What permits do I need to start a business?
3. What type of signs require a sign permit?
4. What programs does the City have for start-up and existing businesses?
5. How do I do business with the City of Chino?
6. Where can I find demographic information about the City of Chino?
7. What is a fictitious business name?
8. What if my business is home-based?
9. How do I renew my business license?
10. What if I sell my business?
11. What if I move to a new location in Chino?
12. Do I need to reapply for a business license if I change my business name?
13. What if I use a certain type of chemical in my business activities?
14. What can I expect the Planning Division to ask me about my business?
15. What can I expect the Building and Safety Division to ask me about my business?